“Game of Thrones” director Michelle MacLaren sat down at the Variety Studio at the Dubai International Film Festival, where she explained how the “Game of Thrones” production style began a new method of filming that’s now used throughout television.

“There’s two people that produce the show logistically,” MacLaren explained. “They came up with a unique way of how to execute and shoot ‘Game of Thrones.’ And so what they do is they have two crews that are shooting simultaneously. And one of those crews will go on a distant location — they’re based in Northern Belfast — and then a crew will go to Iceland, or Morocco, or Spain, or Croatia, and then they have a giant one liner that’s color-coded and you fly in to the location that you’re gonna shoot with the actors that are needed for those scenes.”

“It’s a different way of making televisions, and a lot of shows — really big shows that shoot multiple locations — have adapted that now.”

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