With just one episode left of “Game of Thrones,” fans will finally see who takes the Iron Throne to rule Westeros. But before audiences get to find out how the fantasy epic ends, the cast weighed in on who they think should take the crown.

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, says, “The world would be a better place with Sansa Stark on the Iron Throne.” Sansa Stark herself, Sophie Turner, wholeheartedly agreed.

Joe Dempsie, who portrays Gendry Baratheon, is hoping another leading lady will sit on the Iron Throne.

“If you’re talking about who wants it the most and who’s put in the most hard yards, you can’t look past Daenerys [Targaryen], he says. “It’s all she’s done for eight years, eight seasons is go for that throne. You’ve gotta give it to her just based on effort.”