Foster the People premieres songs from the band’s new EP, “In The Darkest of Nights, Let the Birds Sing” in the fifth and latest episode of “Live From My Den,” the Artists Den series presented with Variety. In a reflection of our lockdown times, the segment was filmed across five cities and three time zones in New York, Nashville, Austin, Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego.

In the 33-minute segment, the group talks — transcontinentally! — about how the songs for the EP came together and what it’s like to try to be a working band sprawled across the country. The EP will be released on December 11.

The weekly series from Variety and Artists Den showcases today’s top musicians performing live from the intimate settings of their home studios. Along with live performances, each artist will answer fan questions drawn from the artist and partner communities as well as offering private tours of their creative spaces including their homes, recording studios, instruments and locations tied to favorite songs.

Furthermore, each episode of “Live From My Den” will highlight a local charity organization important to the artist, to be promoted via donation links. In this unprecedented time of need, Artists Den and its partners will give back to the community by working alongside Delivering Good, a non-profit charity partner uniting retailers, manufacturers, foundations and individuals to support people affected by poverty and tragedy. For more information, or to make a donation, please visit

“Live From My Den” a series from Artists Den, is supported by Progressive; with additional support provided by Visa.