Some of the busiest female creatives discussed their influences, achievements and challenges at Variety’s virtual Power of Women Summit, presented by Lifetime.

The conversation “Female Creative Breakthrough Achievements” included Clea Duvall, Kay Cannon, Leslye Headland, Christina M. Kim, Lisa Ling and Karin Gist.

Ling is about to start her eighth season of her CNN show “This is Life with Lisa Ling,” and spoke about growing up and wanting to work in television. “But no one looked remotely liked me except for Connie Chung,” Ling recalled. “And at the time Connie Chung, she just exemplified all that was smart and elegant and graceful. And again, she was the only person who looked like me on a national stage. And so I thought that if I could somehow pursue a career like Connie Chung’s, I could penetrate the business in some way.”

Christina M. Kim, creator and showrunner of The CW’s “Kung Fu,” said her first job in a writer’s room was on the hit series “Lost,” and how one of the series’ stars, Daniel Dae Kim, became a mentor and influence. “We struck up a friendship and he’s just been wonderful in terms of navigating Hollywood, which is very, very tricky,” she revealed. “He fights for so much. He fights for representation. He fights for equal pay. He’s pretty fearless in that. So he’s kind of been like my guru and I’m very appreciative of that.”

Karen Gist, creator and showrunner of Fox’s “Our Kind of People,” cited working with creator/showrunner Mara Brock Ali on “Girlfriends” as a great experience – and how after various experiences, she can now “tell the difference between creators who know what they want and have a really clear image of what they want. And that is so important. It’s  important to get it across on the screen, but also just to lead the, the cast and crew. I was always looking forward and always trying to put little tools in my, and my tool belt along the way, so that when I had this opportunity, I would be ready and very clear about what I wanted to do as well.”