After the “Falling” premiere at Sundance, the film’s cast reflected on the polarizing project at Variety’s Sundance Studio. Viggo Mortensen, who wrote, directed, and starred in the film centered around a conservative father (Lance Henriksen) who moves in with his gay son’s family (Mortensen), believes “Falling” reflects the social and political climate of the United States at the moment.

“There’s a lot of aspects to the story,” Mortensen said. “It’s not just about one thing. It is about polarization and we are living through very polarized times in our country. It’s also about a certain kind of masculinity– you can call it toxic or you can call it harmful or controlling, a kind of masculinity that involves misogyny. When you’re watching the story, you’re asking yourself, ‘When is someone going to call that? When is someone going to say that’s not alright? Or, fight back?'”

Mortensen continued, “There’s this temptation when someone is being hateful or speaking in a hateful way, whether it’s a family member in a story like this or whether its the President of the United States, who’s going to punch the guy in the nose? As much as you’d like to punch the guy in the nose, is that then you’re playing into their game –you’re doing what they want, whether it’s with speech or physicality. If you fight hate with hate, you’re not really going to, in the long run, make progress and evolve.”

“Now, we’re in 2020 and we got craziness going on politically,” added Henrikson. “We’re being nudged and pushed by the whole process. We’re all nervous and we’re all upset. But, one thing we do have is that we’re not going to let the same old crap play out. 2020 is going to be a much better year. I don’t care how it ends, but it’s going to be better. It has to be. We can’t put up with anymore bulls–t.”

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