Consumers are increasingly turning toward connected television streaming platforms, thereby transforming the landscape of TV advertising, and the ways marketers and storytellers reach target audiences.

As part of Variety’s Streaming Room series, presented by software company The Trade Desk, Variety interim editor-in-chief Cynthia Littleton moderated a conversation on the future of connected TV advertising and storytelling with Tim Sims, chief revenue officer of The Trade Desk, and Krishna Bhatia, executive vice president of business operations and strategy at NBCUniversal’s Advertising Sales.

The event highlighted how programmers are pivoting toward building data partnerships to form better, direct relationships with consumers, who are increasingly turning toward customizable digital services.

“How do we help our clients bring access to every impression on every screen, everywhere in the world?” Sims said. “And what that really is about, is about the application of data so that we can make smarter decisions around media investment and media allocation. … So what’s been incredible to see over the last couple of years, is television starts to move in that direction and largely that’s being driven by the consumers, who are moving their consumption habits into connected television platforms, into AVOD (ad-supported video on demand) services.”