Few current TV series utilize makeup as expressively as HBO’s “Euphoria,” which follows a group of teenagers coming into their own identities and sexualities while dealing with problems involving trauma, drugs and love. In a video for Variety Artisans presented by HBO, Doniella Davy, head of the makeup department on the series, explained the show’s emphasis on makeup and how each character’s look was designed.

“When I went in to interview for the job, I didn’t know much about the show,” Davy said. “I didn’t know that [series creator] Sam Levinson already had this strong makeup background. He knew he wanted to use the show as a platform to push forward makeup as self-expression. Typically I get hired to deliver a very naturalistic, realistic story where makeup needs to be kind of invisible. Here it was the opposite.”

Davy went on to say that she actually had to make her work on the show even more conspicuous after watching the pilot.

“The lighting of the show is really particular. It’s really moody [and] evocative,” Davy said. “After we filmed the pilot episode, I realized I couldn’t see some of the makeups that I had designed. So I was thinking we need to use more glitter, more rhinestones, brighter colors. If we’re using blue, it has to be electric blue. If we’re using pink, hot pink.”

Watch the full video to see Davy talk about deciding on the looks for Rue, Maddy, Kat and Jules, as well as offer a breakdown on the show’s lip tattoos.