Janelle James only started acting recently — and it didn’t take long for her to skyrocket to fame in ABC’s “Abbott Elementary,” portraying egotistical principal Ava. During a panel for Variety‘s TV Fest, she discussed the experience of working with Quinta Brunson and the rest of the cast of the word-of-mouth comedy hit.

“I just remember I was so happy to be outside. I think I brought that energy to set with me, and I felt like everyone else was also happy to be outside and working,” James said. “We’re all cool people who have shit to do, so we’d come in, we’d do our job, and then we go home. So that makes us happy to see each other the next day. We’re not spending every moment together or trying to force an office family vibe. So I think that helped as well.”

James was joined on the panel by Nicholas Braun from “Succession,” Andie MacDowell from “Maid,” Naveen Andrews from “The Dropout,” Kaitlyn Dever from “Dopesick” and Alex Borstein from “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” for Variety‘s supporting actors roundtable. In a conversation moderated by senior TV features editor Emily Longeretta, the actors discussed what made them want to enter the industry and their experiences working with their costars.

During the panel, MacDowell offered some advice for young actors today, which included learning your lines as soon as possible. Her biggest piece of advice, however, was never to demean any job you have, because each one is a learning experience.

“They’re all good. I’ve had great jobs. I’ve worked on things that are not that great, but I’ve learned something. I have learned something on absolutely every job,” she said. “And never show up thinking you are above that job. That’s my best piece of advice is show up being grateful, and everybody else is there, and you should look up to those people and admire those people because you’ve got something to learn from everyone.”

Watch the full roundtable discussion above.