Variety’s senior TV editors Danielle Turchiano and Michael Schneider joined anchor Audrey Cleo Yap to discuss the snubs and surprises from Tuesday’s Emmy nominations.

Turchiano said “The Mandalorian’s” nomination was the biggest surprise of the morning. She was particularly impressed that the Disney Plus series knocked out long-running Emmy favorites.

“Disney Plus is a brand new streamer in this Emmy race, and I think a lot of us all expected it to pick up a number of creative arts nominations, but it actually broke into the drama series race — which I don’t want to speak for the room, but I don’t think anybody was expecting,” she said. “Not because it wasn’t a good show. It absolutely was, and it has the caché of the ‘Star Wars’ universe. But there are just so many high-profile, long-running Emmy favorite shows the Academy has nominated time and time again that it didn’t nominate this year to welcome this newcomer. And that’s rare for the Academy.”

For the snubs, Schneider gave a shoutout to the stars of AMC’s “Better Call Saul.” Even though the show was nominated for outstanding drama series, many of its actors were not.

“What is it gonna take to get Emmy voters to pay attention to Rhea Seehorn?” he said. “This would’ve been the year. She had a fantastic season, and by the way, [Bob] Odenkirk, the star of the show, also wasn’t nominated. You know, the show at least was, but you leave your head scratching a little bit.”

The conversation wrapped up with what the Emmys will look like this year. Schneider said we only know that its producers are back in action, working closely with returning host Jimmy Kimmel.