While “Game of Thrones” has seen Emilia Clarke  battle dragons and kings as Daenerys Targaryen in her war for Westeros, it’s her sewn-in corset that makes it hard for the actress to breathe on set.

“Michelle Clapton who designs the costumes is an absolute living God. I will never look as good. As in it’s all corsets, it’s all sewn in — she doesn’t believe in zips,” Clarke tells Regina Hall during their Actors on Actors conversation.

“Which is great, it’s great,” she says while letting out a playful exhale of breath.

“It’s great until I have to wrap and you see me with a pair of scissors trying to cut out of it like, ‘I’m done, I’m so tired!’”

While Danny is Clarke’s first paid acting role, she realizes that the amount of time and energy given to her armored costumes isn’t normal. “Normally with hair and makeup, they take up the most time at the beginning of your day and then when you put on your costume it’s like ‘Yeah, 15 minutes’ or maybe they need a little longer. With me, it’s like equal amounts of time for the costume than with the hair and makeup,” she says.

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