Elisabeth Moss plays a self-destructive rock star in Alex Ross Perry’s film “Her Smell” and talked about the preparation and lessons she took for the role during the Variety Screening Series presented by Vudu.

“I tried to learn as much as I could. I tried to learn chords, I tried to get callouses on my hands, I practiced for like five or six months,” she said.

Moss also took inspiration from grunge and punk artists for the fictional punk rock band called Something She in the movie.

“The anger that they felt, the frustration, all of that I tried to grasp as much as I could and then layer into that the idea of being a woman in that world. We’re sort of pretending that they’re Nirvana, which unfortunately there wasn’t really that in that time,” she said. “That was something we tried to layer in, ‘What if you were a woman? What if Kurt Cobain was a woman?'”