This weekend, Eddie Murphy returns to the big screen in his first dramatic role since his Oscar-nominated turn in 2006’s “Dreamgirls.” He stars as the title character in “Mr. Church,” about a cook who comes into the life of a young girl named Charlotte, and their friendship that spans 15 years.

Though Charlotte is portrayed in the movie as an adult by rising star Britt Robertson, she is played in the first part of the film by Natalie Coughlin. Later, Murphy shares scenes with Mckenna Grace, the young actress who plays Charlotte’s daughter. The 55-year-old Murphy had a great rapport with both kids, though he jokes that Grace only ever saw him in old-age makeup: “She really thinks I’m an old man!”

Murphy is also a master impressionist and we spoke to him about some of his most famous impersonations, which include Michael Jackson, James Brown, Elvis, and his brother Charlie Murphy. “I’ve been doing him since I was two or three,” Murphy admits, joking that he always wanted his brother to get famous so people would appreciate his impression.