Aside from his acting talents, Ed Helms proved he’s certainly a jack-of-all trades as he showed off his guitar skills for Variety’s first episode of “Show & Tell”

“I’m very passionate about instruments. I have lots of instruments, lots of guitars, banjos, ukuleles, you name it and I love to play them,” Helms revealed.

The actor, who recently starred in Netflix’s latest film “Coffee & Kareem,” went in deep on his customized Gene Autry guitar — an instrument he says is very special to him because of its uniqueness, though he acknowledges the model’s cheap manufacturing. His specific model is spray painted with a stencil of the singing cowboy as he’s riding a horse with his lasso in hand.

Helms showcased the work that was done to the guitar in order to improve its quality.

“Most of these guitars, they’re still collected, but they’re decoration… Now, this great classic old guitar is actually really playable and it sounds fantastic. It has a unique, kind of chunky sound.”

To close his “Show & Tell,” Helms performed “Til the End of the World Rolls Around” in honor of the medical workers who’ve been working throughout the coronavirus pandemic. “I picked this song because it feels kind of apropos right now. We’re all going through a crazy time. There’s not a lot to cling to right now except for the inspiration of all of the medical workers out there on the front lines who are just jumping into the eye of the storm, putting themselves in danger to help all of us and that, to me, is one of the most heroic things I’ve ever seen.”

“Coffee and Kareem” starring Ed Helms and Taraji P. Henson is currently available for streaming on Netflix.