“Downton Abbey” is coming to the big screen for the beloved series’ first-ever movie, which revolves around a royal storyline: the King and Queen come to Downton.

Off screen, interest in the real-life royals is at an all-time high, with constant buzz around Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and “Downton Abbey” star Michelle Dockery says royal fever doesn’t hurt “Downton’s” popularity.

At the New York City premiere of the “Downton Abbey” film, Dockery spoke to Variety senior correspondent Elizabeth Wagmeister about the movie, and she weighed in on the real-life royal couple.

When asked whether heightened interest around Harry and Meghan will impact moviegoers’ interest in the “Downton” film, Dockery said, “I think for a while, even since Kate [Middleton] and [Prince] William were married and ‘Downton’ was sort of starting at that time, it certainly creates more of a fascination with it. And I think Americans, of course, have always had a love of all things British and the royals, so I think bringing those two things together — the Crawley family with the royals — was a brilliant idea, and I think it really works.”