Nabil Ayouch on Oppression of Women:

Director Nabil Ayouch on Oppression of Women: 'It's Not Normal'

“Razzia” director Nabil Ayouch stopped by the Variety Studio at the Dubai International Film Festival, where he explained that the fight for women’s representation is far from over.

“This world has been shaped by men. They have the power, they have the control…And especially in the Arab world,” he said. “We want to tell to the woman what should be her place in society…I think it’s not normal, it’s not fair, it shouldn’t be like that. I think that men will never give power to women, they have to take it back themselves. And I think that there are very strong women in the Arab world, we just want to keep them silent. But, how can a society grow up without half of its population?

“I think we should be conscious of what women can bring, but not only in the private spaces, in the public spaces. So ‘Much Loved’ is giving a voice to very brave women, as well as ‘Razzia’ is giving a voice to this character of Salima, her husband wants to tell her what she should say or not, that she should work or not…If we are not careful, this is exactly what’s happening in the Arab world. Men will take more power day after day. We thought also in the West that the game was over. But that’s not a game, and that’s not over.”

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