Diego Luna and his “Mr. Pig” costars Maya Rudolph and Danny Glover discussed Hollywood’s diversity dilemma at the Variety Fandango Studio presented by Dockers.

When asked by Variety why indie films spotlight diverse voices more prevalently than mainstream movies, Luna said audiences also play a role in what’s reflected on the big screen.

“I think these films that get screened at Sundance celebrate freedom and also the freedom of audiences to choose and to shape the industry. I think we have a responsibility as audiences; when we buy a ticket, we allow something to exist, we allow a voice to exist.”

“So trying to put the question the other way around; I think it’s time for audiences to shape the industry we need and it’s always asking for the stories we want to see portrayed in cinema. Awards are always very subjective. You cannot take that as a reference of anything, but you can go and take as a reference what’s happening in the industry, where are people going and what films are being supported by audiences and that tells you a lot. And if we don’t like that, then as audiences we have to speak up.”