Fatih Akin’s “In the Fade” premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, where lead actress Diane Kruger won the award for best actress. She sat down at the Variety Studio Presented by AT&T at the Toronto Film Festival with Akin to discuss how she was able to channel the emotions of a woman who lost her husband and son to a terrorist attack, and then goes on a path of vengeance to find their killers.

“I was really moved by Katya’s journey,” she said. “This is a very timely film, it’s about terrorism, but at the end of the day it is about grief and how you live after such a terrible tragedy happens, or can you live after such a terrible tragedy happens. I felt an incredible sense of empathy for the character, for her journey, given what is happening in our world and it also made me so much more aware of how many Katyas are being created every week, and I just allowed myself to feel that pain and what it would be like to live without anything, losing everything like this in one second.”

Kruger added that she’d wanted to work with Akin for a long time.

“I left Germany 25 years ago and I’ve kind of always been waiting for this part, or this movie to come from Germany, and it never happened,” she said. “And Fatih, in Germany, is a superstar. His films are the best that Germany have to offer, so I’ve always been aware of him. We met in Cannes, I went up to him at a party to say, ‘I’m dreaming to work with you, if you ever have anything for me, I would love that.’ And he remembered and five years later he called me and talked to me about this project.”