Demi Moore hopes her new erotic podcast “Dirty Diana” will help teach people about sex.

In the series, created by Shana Feste, Moore plays a woman whose marriage is falling apart as she navigates her finance career and secret life as the host of a website that features recordings of women describing their sexual fantasies.

“If we don’t encourage getting to know your body and how it works, and equally how both sides work, then there’s automatically going to be a disconnect,” Moore said during an appearance on the Variety and iHeart podcast The Big Ticket.

In the wide-ranging interview, Moore also recalled he backlash she received for “Striptease” and “G.I. Jane.”

“’Striptease’ seemed to represent a betrayal to women and ‘G.I. Jane’ was a betrayal to men,” she said. “With ‘Striptease,’ I stepped into a role that was women’s fear, and ‘G.I. Jane’ was as if it was a challenge to men. They let me know it, too.”

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—Written by Marc Malkin