According to Kevin Westcott, vice chairman of U.S. media and entertainment lead at Deloitte, an over-saturated streaming landscape has caused media consumers — and millennials, in particular — to suffer from “subscription fatigue.” With over 300 million streaming services in the U.S. alone, millennials will often “piece together paid and free streaming to get the content they want,” Westcott explained at Variety’s Entertainment Marketing Summit presented by Deloitte. But in doing so, people end up with up to six different platforms to watch their favorites shows and movies, with increased original content only contributing more to the problem.

“Consumers want to be able to have one or two subscriptions to get the content they want, which is why we’re seeing platforms begin to re-aggregate in a way that’s consolidating these streaming services,” he said. He cited Roku and Amazon Prime as leading examples, the latter of which allows users to stream HBO, CBS, and Showtime all under Prime’s umbrella.