Dean-Charles Chapman chatted about his forthcoming war drama “1917” and life on (and after) “Game of Thrones” during a visit to the Variety studio.

All two hours of “1917” unfold as one continuous take, something Chapman didn’t know until he landed the role.

“It wasn’t announced that it was one shot,” Chapman recalls, adding that he only knew that Sam Mendes would be directing. “We never got to read a script. I just learned four pages from this scene.”

Chapman didn’t know until Mendes personally told him that it would be all one shot. “I was nervous and it blew my mind,” he says.

During the interview, Chapman, who played Tommen Baratheon of “Game of Thrones,” revealed that he didn’t watch the last season of HBO’s fantasy epic.

“I was a fan of the show when I was a part of it. When Tommen died — spoiler alert — I just lost interest. I wanted him to die in a battle and at least kill someone,” Chapman says (Tommen died by suicide after witnessing the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor.)

“1917,” a Golden Globes contender for best drama, is in theaters Dec. 25. Chapman stars alongside George MacKay (“The Boys Are Back”), Mark Strong (“Shazam!”), Andrew Scott (“Fleabag”), Richard Madden (“Rocketman”), Colin Firth (“Mary Poppins Returns”) and Benedict Cumberbatch (“Avengers: Endgame”).