Deadwood Costumes
Deadwood Costumes

'Deadwood' Designer Janie Bryant Used Original 1880s Dress for HBO Movie

After winning an Emmy for designing the costumes on the original “Deadwood” series, Janie Bryant returned to the 19th century for the HBO movie.

“I love creating a world where it’s different from the modern world. I love the attention to detail in vintage clothing. I guess you could say ‘Deadwood’ isn’t even vintage, it’s before vintage,” she told Variety.

Bryant shared several details for creating the costumes worn by the fan-favorite characters in “Deadwood: The Movie,” set in 1889, a decade after the original HBO series ended. She said didn’t have to do much for main character Al Swearengen (Ian McShane), who kept the same look.

“Al has not changed at all,” she said. “He’s actually wearing the same suit he wore in the series because when I was thinking about Swearengen’s costume design, I was stumped. I really could not see him in anything else. The fabric that I made his three-piece frock suit out of really fed into the story of Swearengen. That pinstripe is so textured, there’s all the highs and lows on his vest. I had one gold nugget button and the back of his vest is in this red tapestry fabric that I love because it signified blood and passion.”

Bryant nicknamed Caroline Woolgarden’s (Jade Pettyjohn) dress the bumblebee costume because of the coloration, which also imitated Paula Malcomson’s character Trixie from the original series.

“I actually sourced this costume. It’s an 1880s original, genuine piece. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy this piece and it’s in the shape that it’s in,” she said.

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