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The key to success as an early career creator is to work smarter, not harder. “We’re always absolutely focused on how we can help creators have more leverage and more upside without spending more time,” says Hugo Amsellem, vice president of the Creator Accelerator at Jellysmack, a company that develops the careers of video creators.

Professional hairstylist and digital creator Brad Mondo, makeup artist and true crime storyteller Bailey Sarian and Amsellem joined Variety‘s digital editor Todd Spangler at the Variety Creators Fest, sponsored by Jellysmack, to talk about playing to the different strengths that platforms like YouTube, TikTok and podcasts can offer.

“On TikTok I can be more fun and play around a little bit more and engage with a younger audience. Facebook, I find it to be a little bit more mature, maybe like late 20s and so on. And then YouTube is kind of like a mix of a little bit of everything,” shared Sarian, who posts videos herself doing her makeup while telling stories of murders and other crimes online. Mondo, who makes videos reacting to others styling (and often ruining) their hair, said that his content tends to not need much tweaking between platforms.

With either approach, Amsellem and the creators were in agreement that maintaining a consistent presence on each platform was essential to growing their reach, and they had results to prove it: Jellysmack helped both Mondo and Sarian gain almost 10 million followers in 12 months.

While taking advantage of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and more, Mondo also goes back to a classic piece of advice for early career creators: “I always say be yourself. And that’s one of the most corny things to say, but also one of the most difficult things to actually do, because you’re putting yourself out there to so many people that are gonna judge you. The more judgments people make about you and the more you read into the judgments, the more your personality sort of changes to make people happy, at least in my case. And it took me a really long time to realize that I was doing that, and was trying to satisfy other people and trying to change myself based on what they say. And when I kind of realized that, I just completely went back to being myself and not caring if people respond well to it.”

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