Eric Berger Crackle
Eric Berger Crackle

Crackle GM Eric Berger on Innovation in Streaming Content (VIDEO)

Crackle wants to figure out the future of advertising, from streaming to virtual reality.

Eric Berger, GM and senior VP of the Sony-owned streaming service, revealed plans to experiment with “break-free” on Wednesday at Variety‘s Entertainment and Technology Summit in Los Angeles.

“Less is more when it comes to advertising around our originals,” he added about Crackle’s ad load — 50% less than spots on traditional TV networks.

Crackle would make “direct to virtual reality programming” as well. “VR gives us permission to immerse ourselves in the moment,” Berger said.

Crackle also wants to build interactive ad experiences that vary from typical ad spots. “It’s as if the consumer actually steps into the ad,” Berger said.

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