“Cowboy Bebop” executive producer Becky Clements said fans of the beloved, jazzy, neo-noir original anime will also love the new live-action series.

“I think they’re gonna get a lot of new information that didn’t exist in the anime that will broaden their love of the show,” Clements said at the Variety Streaming Room presented by Netflix.

The cast and crew sat down with Variety‘s Mónica Zorrilla to talk about the inclusive, live-action revival of the popular anime series, the differences and similarities between the two properties, and what they hope old and new fans can take away from the 2021 version. Executive producer André Nemec, and cast members John Cho (Spike Spiegel), Daniella Pineda (Faye Valentine) and Mustafa Shakir (Jet Black) also participated in the panel.

Nemec spoke about the challenging aspects of creating the show, saying, “Threading the needle of the tone, really finding the balance of the true emotion that lives inside of the anime, while also finding the fun spirit and quirkiness of it, with the really stylized beats within the show.”

Although it was challenging at times to stay true to the original while making the new series unique, Cho said that’s what fans will love most.

“I hope and suspect that what they will pick up on is that, in every department, everyone had real reverence for the original IP,” Cho said. “No one was phoning it in, everyone was sweating over the details trying to make it ‘Bebop’ — turn of phrase, sets, props, wardrobe and interactions amongst the actors.”

Shakir added, “They’ll appreciate the geeking. Because there’s so much TV right now, it’s gonna be super refreshing to have something as original and unique as this for just the everyday TV watcher.”

“Cowboy Bebop,” which dropped all 10 of its episodes on Nov. 19, was canceled on Thursday by Netflix — a month after this interview. This isn’t the last live-action adaptation of an anime property on Netflix — coming up next is the series “One Piece,” which recently announced its cast, and a live-action “Pokemon.” Previously, Netflix released a live-action “Death Note” film in 2017.

Watch the full video above.