The third season of the CW’s “Crazy-Ex Girlfriend” ended on quite a cliffhanger, charging Rachel Bloom’s Rebecca with second-degree murder in one of the most dramatic turns the musical comedy series has taken. The question remains: Will Rebecca actually face consequences for her accident? According to Bloom, Rebecca certainly will.

“There’s a big chance she’s going to jail,” Bloom revealed in Variety‘s San Diego Comic-Con Studio Thursday. “I would say 100% chance that at some point, for some duration of time — to be unspecified — she is going to jail.”

As the fourth and final season is still in workshop mode, Bloom and her co-executive producer Aline Brosh McKenna haven’t yet begun to think about saying goodbye to the satirical series after three years.

“We’ve had our first table read,” McKenna said. “We start shooting next week. We spend everyday staring at a board with the episodes on it, so yeah it feels real. We haven’t done 18 episodes since the first season. It’s a lot. Actually two thirds of our series are still in front of us, basically. So I think that we’re both thinking more about the work we have to do, and it does not feel like we’re on the other side of the sledding run yet.”

But there are a few elements that have begun to form, like Rebecca’s emotional trajectory. According to Bloom, Rebecca’s Season 4 journey will adopt a didactic tone with an ample amount of self-reflection.

“She is putting into practice all of the lessons that she’s theoretically learned into how does she actually live her life with these lessons?” Bloom said. “How do you take introspection? How do you take what you learn in therapy and actually take responsibility for your own life?”

For McKenna, the fourth season represents the “third act” of Rebecca’s journey, which she has been waiting to write since the series began in 2015. When developing the final episodes, McKenna hopes to reach “that feeling of completion and climax.”

“Rebecca’s character is really smart, and one of the things that we’ve loved about writing her is that she’s extremely intelligent,” McKenna said. “We never have to water that down because the audience understands that about her, but it’s one thing to know what you need to do, and it’s another thing to really live that in practice, and her drugs of choice — romantic love and romantic obsession — and she has to learn how to live a life where she can have love in her life but not have it overtake her life.”