For Variety‘s Comedy Impact 2020, comedians shared the funniest TV shows and films.

For “Saturday Night Live” cast member Bowen Yang, the funniest show is “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” a long-running series with over a thousand episodes to stream at any time. For his favorite film, the comedian chose “Spirited Away,” a 2001 animated picture from Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki.

“It’s the last movie I saw and I suffer from acute recency bias, and what that means is the last thing I saw becomes the most superlative thing I’ve seen,” Yang explained. “‘Spirited Away’ is the funniest movie, the saddest movie of all times. It’s the sexiest movie, it’s the most family-friendly movie — it’s all those things.”

The NBC sitcom “Golden Girls,” which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, was also a popular choice. Actor-comedian Lauren Lapkus chose the series as the funniest show of all times, even though she still doesn’t understand the jokes made by Johnny Carson on the show. Brian Quinn agreed with Lapkus, adding that it would be difficult to see a funnier series during his lifetime.

From a wide range of comedy films, two comedians chose “Airplane!,” a 1980 parody film from David and Jerry Zucker that follows an ex-fighter pilot with a pathological fear of flying. Improv comedian James Murray and Quinn chose the movie, saying “the jokes, [Julie Hagerty’s] screen time ratio is absolutely off the charts.”

Other films that made the list include “Friday,” chosen by Desus Nice, “Big,” selected by Lapkus and “Young Frankenstein,” chosen by Joe Gatto.