After working with Patty Jenkins on “Wonder Woman,” both Chris Pine and Robin Wright praised her directing philosophy especially in conjunction with her talent for imitating sound effects.

“When she pitched me the first ‘Wonder Woman,’ it was maybe three-quarters of a script, she acted out in the restaurant all of the parts and the explosions, all the accents, all the VFX,” Pine told Wright in their Variety Actors on Actors discussion.

Wright agreed that Jenkins was “the most talented at foley sounds,” the onomatopoeia like “ker-splash” and the classic “kapow” heard in movies.

Both actors are slated to return in next year’s sequel “Wonder Woman 1984,” which Jenkins is also directing.

“You don’t get the old classic, “Next take, can you give me more energy? Faster, louder,'” Wright said of Jenkin’s directing style. “She really takes you through a story of why the human condition or reaction would be such a thing.”

Pine agreed, adding, “Not only does she know exactly how she wants to tell that story and why she’s involved in it, she can go macro and tell you why it’s important to tell this story right now on planet Earth.”

For Jenkins, Pine says “Wonder Woman” is “a love story about bringing love back into the world,” and not just an action-packed origin story for the iconic DC Comics heroine.

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