Starring as Robert the Bruce in Netflix’s upcoming drama “Outlaw King” required Chris Pine to show more skin than he was used to.

When the actor sat down at our Variety Studio presented by AT&T at the Toronto Film Festival, he admitted that the filming conditions weren’t the best for a nude scene, “It was cold and it was nearly winter in Scotland and next to a major highway. Those didn’t make the most attractive setting for me,” Pine said.

The actor discussed why the choice to go full frontal was pivotal for his character’s arc, “You see a man broken down and then build himself back up, and I thought it was important after that scene where he’ been in the cave … he’s reborn and ready for the third act.”

Pine understands why the scene has become a talking point, but revealed that he and director David Mackenzie made the choice not to be salacious, but to reflect humanity.