In Variety’s latest cover story, Chris Hemsworth opened up about tackling back-to-back blockbusters with “Avengers: Endgame” and the upcoming “Men in Black: International,” in which he stars opposite Tessa Thompson.

“I had just come off of ‘Avengers,’ and I was looking for another sort of fantasy larger-than-life driven sort of entertaining film, and this came up,” Hemsworth said, referring to the upcoming “Men in Black” installment.

Hemsworth notes that his affinity for the prior entries in the action series was what attracted him to the role.

“I remember seeing the first ‘Men in Black’ years ago and loving it,” he said. “The idea that it was grounded and very much a reality and it was about aliens in plain sight but hidden and the mystery around that world that the general public had no idea about that. I love the secrecy of that.”

He continued, “It just sounded like a lot of fun — it’s not a remake, it’s a continuation of the ‘Men in Black’ franchise.”

Hemsworth is also ramping up for a Todd Phillips-directed biopic, in which the Australian actor will play Hulk Hogan.

“[It’s] still in pretty early stages, we haven’t gotten a script yet. I talked to Todd Phillips about it, and we both had pretty great creative fun ideas on how to approach it,” Hemsworth said. “It’s a daunting thing to look ahead at — just the physicality of it this year. The weight and size I’d have to put on would go even beyond sort of what I was doing in Thor. And you’re playing one of the most recognizable figures in this time period so, yeah, you want to give it your all.”