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As soon as The CW announced a reboot of the hit ’90s fantasy series “Charmed,” the internet exploded with excitement — and outrage. Some fans of the beloved show, including original cast member Holly Marie Combs, didn’t hesitate to share their doubts about the resurrection, and the new cast understands.

“It’s natural,” said star Madeleine Mantock at Variety‘s Comic-Con Studio. “It’s something that’s been in their lives for 20 years. I totally get it — that they feel ownership.”

Mantock plays Macy, while Melonie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery complete the trio of sister witches, as Mel and Maggie, respectively. Diaz said she tries to ignore the uproar and look on the bright side.

“Of course there’s going to be a lot of negativity,” Diaz said. “This show was really a big thing for a lot of people, and a lot of people identify with it, including Holly, but I feel like we want to focus on the positive.”

“Hopefully we can convert some of the nonbelievers,” Jeffery added.

While the new show plans to incorporate much of the fantastical elements from the original, the franchise is getting an upgrade in terms of inclusion for minorities. Mel, for example, is in a lesbian relationship with an Asian-American woman.

“I’m really proud of the way they’re looking at the relationship,” Diaz said. “Her sexual orientation is a part of who she is, but it’s not the whole show. We want to really normalize gay and lesbian relationships. It’s not a big deal anymore. It shouldn’t be a headline. So we’re gonna take it to the next level and not really talk about it. This is just her partner, and that’s it.”

According to Mantock, executive producer Jennie Snyder Urman also hopes to expand the magical universe to include communities and creatures from different walks of life.

“I know one thing Jennie was really interested in, is looking at how magic is different across all different cultures,” Mantock said.

The CW’s reboot of “Charmed” premieres on Oct. 14.