Two-time Emmy nominee Brian Tyree Henry joined Variety for a deep dive into the filmmaking process behind his latest feature, “Causeway,” which also marked the start of a close friendship with co-star Jennifer Lawrence off-camera.

“It’s really easy to be on a movie with an actress with the caliber of Jennifer Lawrence who has done blockbusters and is, like, just a phenom,” Henry said. “Jennifer just stayed right in my face. I mean, we were pretty inseparable. In that friendship blossoming, we realized that, in essence, that is what our story would benefit from — actually seeing this kind of unlikely pair, on the surface, honestly realizing how much they were kindred and how much they had in common.”

“Causeway” stars Lawrence as a U.S. soldier named Lynsey, who is sent home from Afghanistan after incurring a brain injury. As Lynsey copes with newfound disability, PTSD and a return to civilian life, she befriends a man named James (Henry), who relates to her grief after surviving a car accident that made him an amputee.

Filming began in 2019 but the production faced multiple delays due to local natural disasters and then the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Henry and Lawrence, who also produced the film, stayed in touch with director Lila Neugebauer during the lockdown to rework the script with added clarity on the emotional chemistry between Lynsey and James.

“In between takes is where we developed this connection between James and Lynsey — because of who we were,” Henry explained.

Henry also worked closely with Neugebauer to select the prosthetic leg that James would don throughout the shoot. Their decision was largely rooted in the character’s socioeconomic status, as Henry realized, “James probably — definitely — can’t afford the new high-tech prosthetic leg.” Instead, they opted for a modest rod with an artificial foot attachment.

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