The “Bitch Sesh” podcaster and “Black Monday” actor joined the Variety After-Show, presented by National Geographic, to break down the latest “Real Housewives of New York.”

Wilson rated the episode a nine out of ten, saying: “I was just laughing… I love these women. To what do we owe the pleasure that we’re back at fashion week with Beverly Hills and New York?”

After her “Happy Endings” co-star Eliza Coupe appeared in the livestream’s chat, Wilson also revealed to Variety that a charity reunion is in the works that will include new material.

“We’re going to do a little reading of something at this time,” Wilson said. “We’re gonna get together and do a little new material. Eliza and I are not going to lift one finger but the writers, they’re tapping away.”

Though there has been conversation surrounding a full reboot of the show, Wilson said that nothing has come to fruition.

“Every time we’ve tried it’s fallen apart and I’m just so upset,” Wilson said. “But then I’m like, do people want to see us at this age?”

When asked what her “Happy Endings” character, Penny Hartz, would be doing in quarantine, Wilson said that she would either be freshly broken up with or complaining about the fact that her wedding had to be canceled.

“I feel like she tried to rope a guy into quarantining with her and it didn’t work,” Wilson said.

As for what Wilson herself has been doing during this period of isolation, productivity is key. She revealed that she has been writing the movie “Theater Geek” with Mickey Rapkin, in addition to working on a book and attending to her two toddler-aged children.

Watch the full “Variety After-Show” episode above.