Carey Mulligan and Margot Robbie know each other, having worked together on Emerald Fennell’s “Promising Young Woman,” which Mulligan starred in and Robbie produced through her company, LuckyChap Entertainment. So when they sit down to discuss their recent projects — Mulligan’s turn in “She Said” as Megan Twohey, the New York Times reporter whose investigative work with Jodi Kantor helped bring down Harvey Weinstein, and Robbie’s portrayal in “Babylon” of Nellie LaRoy, a self-destructive silent film star — it’s like watching two old friends chatting. During the conversation, Mulligan talks about getting to know Twohey, and Robbie gives insight into working with Damien Chazelle on the wild provocation that is “Babylon.” Naturally, Robbie’s upcoming summer film, “Barbie,” by way of Greta Gerwig, also comes up.

Carey Mulligan: I have lots of questions about “Babylon.” Actually, on “Maestro,” which I just finished, I was talking to Steve Morrow, the sound guy, and he was like, “I worked on ‘Babylon.’ It’s incredible.”

Margot Robbie: It’s mad! I mean, when I read the script, I was like, this is like “La Dolce Vita” and “Wolf of Wall Street” had a baby — and I love it. But I was like, are we allowed to show that? Are we allowed to show that? I mean, there were so many scenes where I was like, a)  I have no idea how I’m going to do that, and b) are we going to get away with this?

Mulligan: How close is the finished film to when you first read the script?

Robbie: Pretty close. As is the case with a lot of writer-directors, Damien’s not finding it in the edit; he has a vision. And because he’s so musically gifted, I think even the rhythm of it felt evident on the page, and then totally translated.

Mulligan: The music is so amazing. I watched it with my mum, and she was …

Robbie: What’d she think? Oh, my God.

Mulligan: It’s a fun one to see with your mum.

Robbie: Everyone should see “Babylon” with their parents. It won’t be awkward at all.

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