Director Brad Bird offered some sage advice for newcomers to the animation field: “Make films that you, yourself would want to see.”

At Variety‘s 10 Animators to Watch event in May, Bird warned against films that pander to a younger audience, instead recommending that animators pay attention to their own, more mature tastes when developing their ideas. In his own career, Bird said he’s actively tried to make movies for adults to enjoy, the likes of which include “The Incredibles,” “Ratatouille,” and “The Fox and the Hound.”

“Don’t make a film for any audience that doesn’t include you,” Bird said during his acceptance speech for Variety‘s creative impact in animation award. “Too many bad films are made for ‘them.'”

Bird also encouraged adults in the audience to go out and enjoy animated movies for themselves, an activity that he made sure to stress can be child free.

“You don’t need to have kids as a beard for your excuse for going to an animated film,” Bird said.