Hitmaker of the Year Billie Eilish sat down with Variety executive editor of music Shirley Halperin for Variety‘s 2019 Hitmakers issue, where she discussed her “Office” obsession, some of her favorite artists, and how it feels to be a Halloween costume.

Eilish’s well-documented obsession with NBC’s “The Office” sitcom, which ran from 2005-2013 and starred Steve Carell along with John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, means that she has “all the scenes memorized. If I hear the audio, I’m picturing what the scene is.”

The “bad guy” singer even listens to “The Office” without actually watching it. “I had my phone lying facedown on my bed and I was drawing, and it was just the audio from ‘The Office.’ My dad came in and was like, ‘What’s this?'”

Eilish also name-checked a few artists who are on her radar, including Aminé, whose “Campfire” she selected as her favorite “going out” song, and Biig Piig, who sings “Shh” and “Lie To Me,” Eilish’s preferred songs to relax to. But her favorite artist of all time?

“I love Tekno,” she said. “I just love him. I would say he’s probably my favorite artist ever.”

The six-time Grammy nominee shared that she went trick-or-treating this year for Halloween and was exposed to people who turned her into their costume.

“I walked by many Billies,” Eilish said. “It was very weird.”

As for tour accessories, it’s all bare necessities with the 17-year-old star. “You need some deodorant. Some mouthwash, for sure. Hyrogen peroxide, and Q-tips — for them ears. Some earbuds, a speaker. Lotion, face moisturizer…Aquaphor. All that, nothing else.”

For one of Eilish’s favorite childhood artists that’s “back in her life,” watch the full interview above.

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