Science guy Bill Nye is both keeping busy during quarantine and exercising his green thumb by tending to his garden.

On the latest installment of Variety‘s “Show and Tell,” the host of “Science Rules” podcast gave an impressive walkthrough of his backyard, explaining how it has been a valuable food resource as of late.

At the moment, Nye is growing romaine lettuce, spinach, bok choy, white carrots and strawberries. In the video, he explained his harvesting technique to make sure the romaine lettuce plant stays healthy and detailed that his spinach tastes great on pizza.

However, Nye has had to protect his garden from the threat of opossums, who particularly enjoy his strawberries. To combat the issue, Nye installed an electric fence to shock the opossums when they get close to his plants.

“You’ve probably seen ‘Jurassic Park’ where the coffee cup shakes,” Nye said. “They’re very, very big opossums.”

In addition to growing his own produce, Nye is doing so in an environmentally-friendly way. In the clip, Nye showed off his solar hot water system and rain harvesting tanks, which measure the rain in liters.

“We use the metric system here because it’s Bill Nye, that’s for one thing,” Nye said. “The other thing is, everybody uses the metric system. Everybody.”

Above all, Nye stressed the environmental importance — and fun — of growing your own produce.

“There are things I do as a hobbyist, and there are things I do as a citizen,” Nye said. “If you invest this way, you can have food, you can have the joy of a very small electric bill.”