This year has already given horror fans plenty to enjoy, from blockbuster “It: Chapter Two” to genre-bending, folk horror flick “Midsommar” to Jordan Peele’s social thriller “Us.” With Halloween on everyone’s minds, Variety asked several actors which scary movies are their favorites.

“I would say ‘The Conjuring,’ even though I don’t feel like they’re that scary. I think that’s why I love them so much because I’m not really good with scary movies, but ‘The Conjurings’ are pretty good,” said “Euphoria” actress Storm Reid.

Several classic horror movies terrified some of the actors when they were kids.

“My brother showed me the ‘The Exorcist’ when I was five, so it’s not my favorite movie but it’s the one that stands with me,” said “Big Mouth” star Nick Kroll.

“I hate scary movies. Because of ‘Scream,’ I can’t live in a house,” “The Good Place” actor Jameela Jamil revealed.

Last year’s “Hereditary” was also a big hit. “Succession” star Sarah Snook said she recently watched it on a plane and “kept looking up and thinking there was some person standing by the toilet door.”

“‘Hereditary,’ I love you,” said “Eighth Grade” actor Elsie Fisher. “It doesn’t get you with jump scares. It talks about family trauma being passed down and how that can be harmful.”

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