Ahead of tonight’s premiere of “Impeachment: American Crime Story,” the cast of FX’s anthology series weighed in on the importance of telling Monica Lewinsky’s story.

“The women in the story — Monica, but also Linda Tripp and Paula Jones — were treated as ‘SNL’ characters, as late-night jokes,” Beanie Feldstein, who stars as Lewinsky, told Variety‘s Marc Malkin last week at FX’s champagne toast for the series. “The only things that were ever talked about were their body shape, the sound of their voices, what they were wearing, their noses. They were never treated as human beings.”

Feldstein added that while filming the 10-part third season of “American Crime Story,” she told Lewinsky, “Monica, I am your bodyguard. I will protect you.”

“[It forces] us to reckon with the way we behaved with the moment in history. And for this specific moment in history, we need to constantly be reminded that Monica Lewinsky was the first person to be bullied by the internet,” Annaleigh Ashford, who plays Paula Jones, said. “That says it all. She had no agency, she had no voice, and in 2021, we’re helping her reclaim her narrative.”

Lewinsky, who had perhaps never before been able to tell her story in such detail, served as a producer for this season.

“Any time you have an opportunity to go back and look at a situation or an event in our recent past, and you look at the parallels of where we are today, you have this shocking moment of recognizing both how far we’ve come and how far we haven’t come,” Sarah Paulson, who plays whistleblower Linda Tripp, said.

“Impeachment: American Crime Story” premieres Sept. 7 on FX.