Playing a superhero isn’t always all fun and games.

Variety asked the cast of Marvel’s latest blockbuster “Avengers: Infinity War” to weigh in on the worst (read: most uncomfortable) Marvel costume out there, and responses ranged from Spider-Man and the Hulk to Drax and Thor.

Mark Ruffalo humbly raised his hand when asked the question alongside Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira, who laughed. Boseman added, “It’s so hard ’cause you can’t look him in the face.”

“I’m wearing a backpack with a ball on me,” said Ruffalo.

“I wouldn’t want to wear Vision’s,” said Tom Holland in a separate interview with Benedict Cumberbatch, who agreed. “Sorry, Paul Bettany.”

Though some disliked Hulk’s costume for its technical aspects, Winston Duke had a more aesthetic reasoning. “I just don’t like the pants,” he said.

“Ay, with legs like these, you rock capris,” said Anthony Mackie.

The Russo brothers thought Dave Bautista had it the worst as Drax.

“Dave has to sit in a sauna after work to get that makeup off,” Holland said. “He has to literally sweat it off. There’s a sauna outside his trailer, like this little box he has to sit in.”

Chris Hemsworth put his name forward as the worst costume, but didn’t seem too dismayed by it. “I don’t think any of them are very comfortable, but you know, you suffer for fashion, don’t you?”

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