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Chris Hemsworth and Winston Duke'Avengers: Infinity
Chris Hemsworth and Winston Duke'Avengers: Infinity

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Breaks Down Marvel’s Biggest Film

At the world premiere for “Avengers: Infinity War” in Los Angeles, all the superheroes from Marvel’s individual franchises came together to support the latest film that shows the comicbook characters battling villain Thanos.

On the red carpet, Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula in the movie, said, “This is the biggest thing I think any of us will ever be involved in.” Gillan was referring to not only the big buzz the film has generated, but also the 60-plus characters that are featured in the movie.

Don Cheadle, who portrays War Machine’ and has been a member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since “Iron Man 2,” pointed out the diversity of this large cast.  “You just look at that poster and it looks like the world and that’s what we want,” Cheadle said. “They’ve been very smart about keeping that true to what the comic books did and keeping that faithful and also expanding it and bridging it out.”

Of course this monumental film needs an unforgettable villain, and Josh Brolin thinks the movie delivers with his character Thanos. Brolin referred to the antagonist as the “biggest, baddest, most overwhelming character that they’ve had yet for sure.”

The film does include a few comic relief moments. Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, said everyone “laughed a hell of a lot on this film.” He also mentioned that the reimagining of the character present in its final standalone film “Thor: Ragnarok” will be carried into “Avengers: Infinity War.” “We’d built a new version of the character and wanted to [have] continuity from that into this, so I worked very hard with the Russo brothers and their writers to really make sure it was consistent,” Hemsworth explained. “This is definitely a different version again but there’s a whole lot of humor in it.”

Joss Whedon, who directed and wrote the previous Avengers movies explained how Marvel became the gold standard in superhero film, “What made Marvel different was it was people like us who were heroes, and that’s been the template of every movie,” Whedon said.

“Avengers: Infinity War” launches into theaters April 27.

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