Jeremy Strong’s commitment to his acting roles has generated more than a few headlines in recent months, but Anne Hathaway called the “Succession” star nothing short of extraordinary while they were working together on James Gray’s “Armageddon Time.” The family drama, in which Hathaway and Strong play a married couple, debuted to strong reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. The two actors came to the Variety Studio presented by Campari at the Cannes Film Festival after the film’s premiere to discuss the process of working together.

“Annie and I know each other, actually, and we’d worked together already before this, so there was already a shorthand, this bond and an ease,” Strong said. “There was already a sort of canvas that we could build on.”

“Jeremy and I had dinner, kinda half in character and half out of character,” Hathaway added. “I mean luckily one of the great joys of working with an actor as extraordinary as Jeremy is we felt the same instincts for what’s essential to establish a family. What do we need to communicate to the audience? And what is the basic structure that we have to work off of? You sort of build the craft, the shape of the thing together, and then we showed up. And Jeremy understood his character so well, he had jokes. He could joke in character. He knew how to fix a refrigerator.”

Hathaway and Strong also said their bond in the film was a testament to Gray, who wrote the film based on his own childhood. The actors play fictional versions of Gray’s own parents. To immerse the film in as much as his memory as possible, Gray recreated his childhood home as accurately as he remembered and even had his own family photo albums on set.

“We’re here because of James, and we were able to do the work we were able to do because of James.,” Strong said. “And the intimacy with which we all made this film, I mean there was [his family’s] photograph album on the coffee table, that was the photograph album [in the film].”

Focus Features is behind “Armageddon Time” but has not yet announced a release date.