Despite playing the alcoholic reporter Camille Preaker on “Sharp Objects,” Amy Adams said the only time she actually drank while filming was to get in the proper headspace for her sex scene on the miniseries.

“[Director] Jean-Marc [Vallée] said in some interview, ‘She was drinking all the time.’ I was like, ‘I didn’t drink at all except once,’ and that was because I felt the character had to come from such a raw place, and her need had to be bare. I could not hide her need, and that was scary for me to go to a place of that deep disfunction,” she told Richard Madden during their Variety Actors on Actors discussion.

Both actors talked about the challenges of filming intimate sex scenes and being so vulnerable on their shows.

“With love and hate being such tied, close things, when you throw passion in, it gets very complicated. [The scenes] are kind of messed up because of our drive for doing them and our need for intimacy and our manipulation of the other person and what we’re taking from them,” said Madden.

In his Golden Globe-winning role as military vet David Budd on “Bodyguard,” he had to film a sex scene with Keeley Hawes’ character Julia Montague, Britain’s Home Secretary whom he was sworn to protect and whose politics he strongly opposed.

“People are always very interested with sex scenes and nudity with actors for some reason. It’s a hot topic,” he said. “I always find that there’s something when you have not got your clothes on, when you’re in bed with someone, there’s a way you speak to each other. There’s a side you expose that you couldn’t do if you were fully dressed in bed.”

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