Director Alfonso Cuaron reflected on how his childhood influenced his most intimate film, “Roma,” in Variety’s latest cover story.

“Once I started going through he process, I understood that it could not be a nostalgic, old school black and white,” Cuaron told Variety.

At times, Cuaron said, he struggled with the personal nature of the story.

“I was upset while I was shooting one scene, and I had to stop and take a walk,” he recalled. “I was walking and I said, ‘Why are you upset? The crew is doing an amazing job. You have the street where you grew up turning to how it looked like 40 years ago. How many people have this amazing opportunity to recreate their childhood?'”

He adds, “It helped me to understand that there was a certain amount of emotions behind [the] existence of each one of these people in real life, good or bad.”