Stars James Freedson-Jackson and Alex Pettyfer and co-director Lauren Wolkstein stopped by the Variety Screening Series presented by FilmStruck to talk about their new film, “The Strange Ones.”

Wolkstein co-directed the thriller with Christopher Radcliff, and having two directors led to some interesting interactions on the set, according to Pettyfer.

“They’re very good at micromanaging small things,” he said. “When your American accent ain’t going well, Lauren would come up — she’s more of the extrovert in the two — and she would come up, she’d go, ‘Alex, just to let you know, your American accent is slipping just a tiny bit.’ And I gave her this very, like, stare of ‘leave me alone.’ And she decided to then leave it to Chris, who’s very introverted, who didn’t quite take it the same way when I told him to leave me alone.”