Actors on Actors: Sam Rockwell &
Actors on Actors: Sam Rockwell &

Actors on Actors: Sam Rockwell & Renée Zellweger (Full Video)

Sam Rockwell and Renée Zellweger have a lot in common. Aside from both being Oscar-winning actors, the two performers are also closely connected to the legendary choreographer and director Bob Fosse, with Zellweger becoming a breakout star with her role in the film adaptation of Fosse’s musical “Chicago,” and Rockwell now playing the choreographer in FX’s dramatic new series “Fosse/Verdon.” During their Actors on Actors conversation, the pair talks about their latest projects, including Zellweger’s newest role in the Netflix series “What/If,” and their positive experiences working with Tom Cruise.

“Actors on Actors” will air on PBS June 18 and 20.

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