Most may know Abigail Spencer from “Timeless” or “Suits,” but the actor is now spotlighting her music roots in a new short film for County Line Florals.

The video’s release marks the one-year anniversary of County Line Florals (Spencer’s flower delivery service company) and features an original song, “Flowers In My Teeth,” written and performed by Spencer. The project also serves as an homage to Spencer’s late father, professional surfer Yancy Spencer III, on the 11th anniversary of his death.

“It’s a joy to share with you this visual and auditory poem of sorts with you,” Spencer said of her inspiration for the just over 60-second short, which she also directed. “Some might call it an ‘ad,’ some might call it a commercial. It’s a moving image experiment. I think I’ll settle on a little piece of my heart and dreams… This video is a way to express what CLF is up to and to tell the story a bit more fully.”

Spencer, who was actually in a band when she first moved to Los Angeles, added that singing and writing an original song is “always near in my tool kit.”

In the video, viewers are guided through shots of Los Angeles, gorgeous floral bouquets and some footage of Spencer’s late father. Spencer sings “Flowers In My Teeth” — a song with a title inspired by a line in one of Ijeoma Umebinyuo’s poems: “I am whole; woman who grows flowers between her teeth.”

“This last year, though full of bounty, it has been one of the hardest years of my life personally. Really since my father died,” Spencer said. “[Umebinyuo’s] line stuck with me and I kept humming this “mmmh mmmh” like the siren song… And started seeing the imagery of what my life has looked like during the pandemic building County Line Florals. It’s not dissimilar to surfing. Up early. Catching the floral wave. The ritual of preparing and processing the materials. Watching the waves. One with nature. Delivering these bundles of thought transference and feeling creations around LA.”

The County Line Florals video was directed/produced by Abigail Spencer + Butter, with Judson Morgan as EP and Gaines Minton as DP. Maria Taylor and Brad Armstrong produced Spencer’s “Flowers In My Teeth.” All florals by County Line Florals.

Watch the short film above.