With blockbuster names like Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott and Faith Hill on board, the excitement around the Paramount+ Western series “1883” is real. The prequel series to Taylor Sheridan’s adored “Yellowstone” series, “1883” follows the Dutton family as they embark on an arduous trek to Montana.

The cast of the hit series sat down with Variety senior TV features editor Emily Longeretta in a Variety Streaming Room presented by Paramount+ to discuss its success thus far. While each member of the cast remembers when they knew the show was resonating with viewers, McGraw revealed that his moment of clarity came when he realized that fans were seeing him as James Dutton rather than Tim McGraw.

“When people started saying that they completely forgot about it being me and Faith on the screen, I think that was when we realized that things were working really well,” the Grammy-winning country star said. “I mean, we knew it was going to work with LaMonica [Garrett] and Sam and Isabel [May], because they’re such great actors. And we were so happy, proud and intimidated to work with those guys. But when people got past it being Faith and I, that’s when we really realized that it worked out.”

Elliott, too, remembers when he first felt the hype for the show.

“It was so disconcerting on some level,” he explained. “I mean, we hadn’t even finished the show and everybody’s raving about it. And it was like, ‘Okay, that’s going on. Stay focused on the job. Get the job done.’ There was all this noise going on at the same time.”

Watch the full conversation in the video above.