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On Friday, Netflix released the fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why,” bringing to a close the popular high school drama series. When it first premiered in 2017, “13 Reasons Why” drew controversy for its handling of sensitive content, following a high school community that’s rocked by the suicide of a fellow student. Despite this, the series also garnered a strong and devoted fanbase of young viewers.

In an interview with Variety conducted in February, series cast members Ross Butler, Alisha Boe and Brandon Flynn reflected on their own time with the show, discussing the growth experienced by both their characters and themselves over the four years working on it.

“I was a teenager when I started and now I feel like I’m finally getting into my young adulthood and being released onto the world,” Boe said.

Butler spoke on his belief that the show’s production has opened up discussions on its intense subject matter.

“Maybe you’re not doing exactly what these characters are doing… or maybe [you’re experiencing] a less traumatized, less extreme version. But it makes it that much easier to talk to someone about it.”

Flynn built on Butler’s comments. “Hopefully that will be the legacy. That these young kids in a really vulnerable, raw unknowing place get to delve into a show that really highlights that part of being a young adult, being in this crazy jungle and not knowing how to get out of it.”

Watch the full interview to see the three actors discuss how they see their characters’ lives unfolding after the series’ conclusion and their own experience reading the final episode’s script for the first time.