Review: ‘Leontyne Price’


On paper, the night promised a nostalgia trip: Beloved diva Leontyne Price, 67 and counting, celebrating the 20th-to-the-day anniversary of Pasadena's Ambassador Auditorium. As it happened, Price had…

Review: ‘The Wood Demon’


There's a reason Chekhov never allowed another performance of "The Wood Demon" after a disastrous 1889 opening. The play ran too long, had confusing dramatic action, minimal structure, and the fourth…

Review: ‘Medea’


There can be few more daunting theatrical challenges than bringing Greek tragedy to life for a contemporary audience. Nearly two years ago, London's adventurous Almeida Theater Company premiered…

Tony splits revivals


This year's Tony Awards will include, for the first time, separate prizes for best revival of a musical and a play. The decision was approved Thursday by the Tony administration committee.

Review: ‘The Session’


Kennedy and his artistic partner Reese Howard have taken over the former Gnu Theatre, refurbished it and renamed it the Odessa Theatre. They're staging two full-length plays on alternate nights…

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