Wrangler Releases a Limited Edition ‘Rick and Morty’ Collection

Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s
Courtesy of Wrangler

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After a NX5 laser destroyed everything but Wrangler jeans in the Season 4 finale of Adult Swim’s Emmy award-winning series “Rick and Morty,” Wrangler saw an opportunity they couldn’t miss. Since the laser was fictionally “sponsored by Wrangler,” Wrangler knew they had to collaborate with the hit animated series. That’s how the Rick and Morty x Wrangler unisex collection launched exclusively on Wrangler.com came to be. The capsule collection encompasses a lasered denim jacks and a T-shirt featuring hand-painted artwork of the NX5 laser that was seen in the finale. Since it was designed by the “Rick and Morty” creative team, it truly is the real deal.

“Building innovative partnerships with iconic brands like Wrangler is a priority for Adult Swim and their heroic appearance in ‘Rick and Morty’ created a new opportunity,” Tricia Melton, chief marketing officer of Warner Bros. Kids, Young Adults and Classics, has said. “Our fans often wear clothes and they love ‘Rick and Morty,’ so they’re going to lose their minds over the new custom clothing launching today.”

“Rick and Morty” has earned a massive following, with the Rick and Morty merch to prove it. The collaboration launches just in time for the virtual Adult Swim Festival, held Nov. 13-14, streaming on Adult Swim’s YouTube channel. Of course, the holidays are just around the corner too, but this is a gift you may just want to give to yourself. The collaboration is in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and features artwork never seen before in the multiverse. Their vision was realized by Wrangler’s design team.

“Wrangler has always embraced pop culture as a way to reach new fans, and when we were organically mentioned in the season 4 finale, it was the perfect opportunity for us to explore a larger partnership with Adult Swim,” Holly Wheeler, vice president of global brand marketing at Wrangler, has said. “The collection is a direct play on the finale and inspired by the laser that was fictionally ‘sponsored by Wrangler’ in the show. We loved the tongue-in-cheek joke since lasers are actually a big part of our denim production — from digital wash applications to onsite customer customization with our nano-laser. The collaboration was a fun and natural way for us to do something authentic with our brand that joins in on the joke.”

Shop the limited edition Rick and Morty x Wrangler collection while you can:


Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s Laser T-shirt in Black

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Courtesy of Wrangler

Show you’re in on the joke with this classic cotton tee depicting the NX5 laser that was sponsored by Wrangler and destroyed everything except for their jeans in the Season 4 finale. Every detail of the design is an inside joke that will amuse you whenever you wear it. Crafted from 100% cotton, it’ll look even better with the Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s Laser Denim Jacket worn over it.

Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s Laser T-shirt in Black $29.00 Buy It


Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s Laser Denim Jacket in Wrangler Blue

Wrangler took their classic, iconic denim jacket and gave it a “Rick and Morty” makeover. They used their in-house laser machine to etch this quirky-cool design onto the back. Like a mullet, it’s business in the front, with a Rick and Morty party on the back. The Cowboy Cut jacket is made from 100% cotton.

Wrangler x Rick and Morty Men’s Laser Denim Jacket in Wrangler Blue $79.00 Buy It